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Yoghurt Drink (Doogh) Flavor Data Sheet

Yoghurt Drink (Doogh) Flavor Data Sheet

by عبدالخالق گلکار, 2 دی, 1395

Product name:

Yoghurt Drink (Doogh) Flavor

Product specification:

FR 4311422/ 2016


FR 4311422 is an emulsion of flavor oils, emulsifiers, weighting agents, ripening inhibitors and thickening agents. It’s designed for production of yoghurt drink (doogh) and so on. FR 4311422 provides an excellent flavor and taste in the finished products.

Physicochemical properties:

Color: White and turbid

Odor: Odorous

Form: Liquid

Solubility: Water soluble

pH of product: 4.5-5.5


Yoghurt drink (doogh) and so on (Ayran, shinēna, Dhallë)


0.10-0.12 % of final product.

Direction for use:

Add to the final product in process tank while stirring (before or after thermal processing).

Microbiological Specification:

Total plate count:  <  500 cfu/g

E.coli: Absent in 1 g

Yeast:  <  30 cfu/g

Moulds:  <  30 cfu/g

Shelf life:

Store in cool and dry condition and protect from odorous product.

3 months in unopened gallon at the recommended storage conditions.


10 and 20 kg

Technical support:

FREER’s application and product development laboratories and personnel are available if you need further information about this product.

Quality Control of FREER’s Laboratories of Food Stabilizer

SM Taghavi

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